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Chicago Bar Finds Cushing Highly Qualified Again

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September 16, 2019

For Immediate Release


The Chicago Bar Association recently declared Judge Thomas M. Cushing “Highly Qualified” for the office of Circuit Court Judge.  The CBA’s evaluation considered a detailed history of Cushing’s legal background, assessments by judges and attorneys who have worked with and against him, and the CBA’s in-person interview with Judge Cushing.

The CBA commended Cushing’s “knowledge of the law, legal ability, diligence, work ethic, and fine temperament.”  This new rating is the second time the Chicago Bar Association has found Tom Cushing highly qualified for the office of Circuit Judge, and the first such rating since the Supreme Court appointed him to the bench earlier this year.

“I am humbled and gratified by the CBA’s finding that I am Highly Qualified for the work of a judge.  I know how few candidates earn this rating, and it is a valuable tool to inform the voters.”

Judge Cushing first served in the Traffic Division of the First Municipal District, and now is assigned to the Domestic Violence Division where he hears civil and criminal cases to secure orders of protection for victims of family violence.


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