Environmental Advocate

Mayor Emanuel’s Task Force for Redevelopment of Coal Power Plants

Along with Jean Pogge, CEO of Delta Institute, Tom has led the efforts of Mayor Emanuel’s Task Force for the redevelopment of the last two major coal burning power plants in the city of Chicago, the Fisk and Crawford plants, strategizing for their conversion into clean economic engines for their communities.

Senior Vice President of Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)

Allocating allowances to emit greenhouse gases, carbon trading, was pioneered in Chicago by CCX and its founder, Richard Sandor, Ph.D.  Dr. Sandor was named one of Time Magazine’s Heroes of the Environment, was admitted to the French Legion of Honor for his environmental innovation, and is founder of the Coase-Sandor Institute for Law and Economics at the University of Chicago School of Law.   Tom worked along-side Dr. Sandor as a senior officer at CCX, helping to build the world’s largest national cap and trade program for the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Senior Advisor at Delta Institute

Tom spearheaded the efforts at this Chicago not-for-profit to develop strategies for private companies to improve environmental performance as a way to improve business performance.

Clean Energy Trust

Tom is an Advisor to this not-for-profit whose mission is to find and nurture the innovations that are turning into the clean-technology business of the twenty-first century.  As energy is produced and distributed in cleaner ways, new companies leading those markets should develop in Chicago and the Midwest.

Mayor’s Committee on Off-Shore Wind Development

Tom was appointed to explore the potential for energy from off-shore wind in Lake Michigan by his home-town mayor, Liz Tisdahl of Evanston.  The committee studied the energy potential and economic realities for off-shore wind in order to advise the Evanston City Council.

Energy Policy Institute at University of Chicago

Provided insights and guidance on emerging carbon policies in Chicago.

Professional Speaking on the Environment

Tom has been an invited lecturer on over fifty occasions on the issues of environmental improvement and its intersection with business realities. He is an expert in the strategies to improve the environment as well as the bottom line. Speaking venues include the Kellogg School at Northwestern, University of Chicago’s Graham School, University of Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Lecture on Earth Day, Washington University School of Law, Northwestern University School of Law, and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.